Solo Exhibition

2018—AND OR NOT,  LAFA Museum, Shenyang
2019—XIMENQING Project, GESSOISLAND Kunstgalerie, Shenyang

2020—The Northeast Asia Geopolitics of Hunger&Objectal Leftover of Manchuria, Chen Guo’s personal art projects
2019—100 socialist ghost stories told day and night, performance & text,  Pu Songling's former residence, Zibo

Group Exhibition

2023/04—Paris, Texas, Soka Art Center, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, 798 Art District, Beijing
2023/02 A&DT International Design Invitation Exhibition: Creative Innovation,Gwangju, South Korea
2022—Leuchtstoff, Kunstmix, Produzentengalerie, Kolpingstrasse18, Bremen
2022—NeuDeli, Sebastian-Bach-Straße23, Leipzig
2022 A&DT International Invitation Exhibition
2022—Contemporary Pizza, Galerie Mitte, Beim Paulskloster 12, Bremen
2022—Contemporary Pizza, Sangt Hipolyt, Bellermannstr. 79,Berlin2022—Project Ukiyo-e, Speicher Buehne, Raum Plan,Bremen
2022—Contemporary Pizza, Atelier 3 Punkt, Hamburg
2022—UnfallZufall, sound installation, Theter Laboratorium Oldenburg
2022—European Media Art Festival No.35, Osnabrück
2022—Virtual Artists - Avant grade exhibition, UK
2021—European Media Art Festival No.34, Osnabrück
2021—Meaningless Enjoyment, Online-Ausstellung
2020—DALAOHEI, CHA-Kunstgalerie, Bezirk Baoshan, Shanghai
2020—Wave Runs Wave Goes, The 5th Xinfengcun Biennale, Gallery of Yangtze University, Jingzhou
2020—Abstandsregelung und Gesinnung, Online-Ausstellung
2019—No Performance in China, Hutong Demolition Area, Beijing
2018—WORK, Industrial Finance Museum, Shenyang
2018—Zeng Zhushao Sculpture Art Scholarship, Chinesisches Skulpturenmuseum, Datong2018—LAFA Graduation Creation Exhibition
2017—BREATHING, Saal 7&8, LAFA museum,Shenyang
2017—NEW POSSIBILITIES, Video Reporting Ausstellung der ersten Atelierinstallation der Skulpturenabteilung, SHANDI Kunstgalerie, Shenyang
2016—The life of Stone and Thoughts, Saal 9, LAFA Museum,Shenyang
2016—Let’s crazy, kinetische Skulptur work shop, Tsingtao
2015—Anti-illusion,Chinese contemporary calligraphy,workshop,Hangzhou
2014—The Installation art:Getting down to the nitty gritty,SHANDI gallery,LAFA
2014—Art in the mind,Arduino workshop,Shanghai
2013—Little Iceman no.2, Land Art

Awards and Collections

2018—Zeng Zhushao Skulpturenkunststipendium, Nominierungspreis, Chinesisches Skulpturenmuseum
2018—“E.LAND” ausgezeichnetes kreatives Abschlussstipendium, Seoul, South Korea

2022—”Untitled #3”, painting, Bernardo Bertolucci official collection, Roma, Italy

2019/2020—Gessoisland Galerie Collection
2017—“Metals and Stones Creation Award”, Shenyang
2021—梵間 Studio Collection
Private collection


His practice takes forms in time-based media, performance, installation and sculpture.

His practice takes forms in time-based media, performance. installation and sculpture.